2016-11-27    Have you ever looked up and wondered what the stars have to say about you?

Welcome, I’m Kelli and countless times in my life I have looked up into the heavens and asked myself questions about the nature of life and of  my true self. Roughly twelve years ago now, I started  studying Astrology, which began  as a simple curiosity. This Curiosity turned into a passion that has grown along with me over the years. I have since then never been able to look at the sky the same way.


Pythia – the priestess presiding over the Oracle of Apollo at Delphi

One of the first questions I have then asked a person upon meeting them has been “When is your birthday”. It is  amazing to me how much you can know about a person by simply knowing the day and month in which they were born, but Astrology goes so much deeper than this. The “Daily Horoscope” or basic  ”Sun Sign” personality readings that anyone can read in their daily newspaper does not even begin to scratch the surface. These are merely the tip of an iceberg that has the potential of reaching so much further into a person’s true character and not only their perspective but their typical reactions and behaviors. It helps to explain the reasons why people act or behave a certain way.

For me, in essence Astrology is not only a tool for understanding myself better but also for understanding others. It has helped me to make sense of things about myself that I have never really been able to understand, it has given me the ability to know certain aspects of myself and others that I would otherwise never have known. Astrology is the key for unlocking the deep and secret parts of yourself that you might not even realize is there. I welcome you to join me on an adventure of discovery, a path of realization - a challenge, to “Know Thyself”.